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Company Introduction

Shanghai Longzhuo Identification System Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Longzhuo Identification System Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, is specialized in airport, high-speed rail, commercial, hotel chain brands and other high-end advertising products research and development, production, installation as one of the large modern enterprises. The company strictly implements the ISO9001 international quality management system certification standards, is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, the production of logo products have been highly affirmed by the majority of users, some products are exported to France, Singapore, Japan and other countries.

Longzhuo logo has set higher standards in design, project management, installation and after-sales one-stop service, developed more intelligent products, led the upgrading and development of the logo industry, and provided customers with more security and economic value services. According to the needs and ideas of customers, give full play to the creativity to promote the design, in the product style, placement effect, structural connection, material selection for various considerations, based on safety, the overall layout; Conduct in-depth product design and structural design according to actual survey and measurement data to ensure the safety of the product after installation.

Longzhuo Logo participates in airport and high-speed rail signage projects all over the country, the company manages enterprises with international standards, and enhances customer brand image and value with innovative products and services.