About Us

Technological innovation

Longzhuo logo regards product research and development and technological innovation as the core of the company to enhance its market competitiveness, and has 16 patented technologies; it focuses on the research of one-stop solutions for high-end logos.

The company has developed its own unique profile of the combined special-shaped light box, which is simple to install and easy to maintain. Supporting the use of LED cold light source technology, combined with robot technology, so that the product's dynamic, multi-functional fully reflected, more widely used, more cost-effective, less power consumption and more energy-saving! It has changed the situation of rigid structure, single function and difficult to maintain in the past.

The company has also invested in the establishment of printing, digital, and automation factories, which has realized the one-stop supporting functions of customer products, enriched the industrial chain, strengthened product quality control, and greatly reduced customer procurement costs.