What is an advertising sign?

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Time:2023-10-16 16:29

With the progress of people, science and technology is more and more developed. People's methods of promoting their products are also endless and varied, so how can they maximize their brand benefits while promoting their products?

With the progress of people, science and technology is more and more developed. The way people promote their products, but also emerge in an endless stream, tricks, and how will promote their products at the same time, to maximize the benefits of their own brand? That requires you to have a place to attract attention, first of all, your advertising signs will be different from others.

What is a sign then?

Signs, first of all, are a product that can make others notice you. The so-called signboard refers to the combination of integration planning, architecture, color, learning, sculpture, etc., so that they become a diversified product. It is neither the kind of simple text, nor the kind of simple advertising signs that people imagine. It is a kind of design product with its own characteristics that can integrate the environment and space with each other. Its stereo visual effect is more obvious, mainly refers to the logo in order to achieve the visual effect.

Signs are mainly used to publicize their products and advertise their brands. What are the categories?

1) Horizontal signage: the whole surface can be fully utilized, which is suitable for the kind of shop with small area or as the publicity sign on the external wall of the company, which is more suitable for horizontal signage.

2) Vertical signboard: Compared with horizontal type, this proportion is completely opposite to horizontal type. Like horizontal type, the whole surface is used.

3) Protruding signboard: Protruding is to protrude on the building, and the remaining two sides of the protrusion can be used as advertising carriers.

4) Roof-type signboard: Obviously, it is some fixed structures set on the roof, and decorated on it, hanging or sticking to the plate or cube.

5) Ground cylindrical signage: refers to some three-dimensional signage fixed on the ground.

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